NCTS Race #08 – Swiss Valley Trail Run

NCTS race #08 took place this past weekend near Dubuque at the Swiss Valley Trail Run. Mother nature dished out a wet and muddy day but trail runners aren’t easily deterred and had a blast taking it on in stride!

Congrats to all runners in the 5mi, 10mi or 25k distances. Special kudos to the No Coasters taking top places!
Ross Salinas/25k/1st, Darcy Sanford/25k/2nd, Julie Tyler/25k/3rd, Jason Charley/25k/3rd

With only one race left in the series, a number of the 8 divisions will have final placements determined by this weekend’s race at TRF!
Who will race, who won’t. What distance? How fast? These are the questions that will determine who wins a coveted NCTS award and who doesn’t. Remember, you have to complete THREE races in the series to be eligible for awards!

If you haven’t signed up for TRF yet, get to it and finish the year right racing dirt on the No Coast!
The Runner’s Flat Trail Races – Oct. 14th –

Please note, since a runner must complete at least three (3) races to be eligible for awards, any runners that have only ran one race to this point have been moved to a separate tab in the standings document to allow for more clear and concise award standings. Any runners with only two races, must race at TRF to be eligible for awards.

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