NCTS Race #08 – Pleasant Creek Trail Run

Race #08 of this year’s NCTS went down this past Saturday at the Pleasant Creek Trail Run and runners were treated to a sizzling hot but fun day on the trails followed by a great post race where they could cool off, kick off their shoes and enjoy some delicious grilled food and craft beer!
Congrats to all runners in either the 15k, 30k or 45k races with special kudos to No Coasters taking top places!
Bryan Rutledge/30k/2nd, Emily Eisenman/30k/3rd, Kathy Rodine/45k/2nd and Wendy Foote/45k/3rd
Only THREE more races left in this year’s NCTS! If you haven’t yet, get signed up for these great races and come race some dirt with us on the No Coast!
Remember! The deadline to sign-up for the 2018 series is Sunday September 23rd. Anyone who signs up receives points for all races they’ve ran this year but MUST sign-up to be included in the standings.

Also! Only runners that have completed 3 or more races are eligible for division awards!

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NCTS Race #07 – Mines of Spain Trail Races

The 6th annual Mines of Spain Trail Races took place this past Saturday in Dubuque and runners tackled some muggy summer racing weather on trails that have gained a reputation as both equally beautiful and brutal! After conquering either the 4mi, 7mi or half marathon distances, runners were quick to partake in the delicious fresh made breakfast pizzas and local craft beer at the post race party.
45(!!!) No Coast runners participated at the MoSTR with many of those runners taking top places!
Only FOUR more races left in this year’s NCTS! If you haven’t yet, get signed up for these great races and come race some dirt with us on the No Coast!
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NCTS Race #05 – Driftless Discovery Trail Run

What an incredible day up in Decorah for the Driftless Discovery Trail Run and race #05 in the 2018 No Coast Trail Series! Beautiful trails, gnarly & challenging courses and a ton of wonderful trail people made for an epic series debut from this young & growing Decorah race event! NCTS runners tackled 5k, 10k or 50k distances and as a result, the series standings got a great shake-up with Trail to Ultra division changes and big points being tallied across the board!

Congratulations to all of the DDTR runners and special kudos go out to No Coast runner Kelly Teeselink for her 1st place place finish in the 10k as well as No Coasters Bryan Powers (3rd 50k) and Danielle Wangsness (3rd 50k) for their top performances!

You or someone you know running No Coast races and aren’t signed up for the series yet?! Sign up! It’s free, takes all of 10 seconds and will put you in the chase for some sweet division awards! Plus your participation supports an incredible community of trail races in this great state of Iowa!

Next up on June 16th in Davenport is the one and only Schuetzen NEIN Hour Endurance Run! Get ready to “feel” things… 😲
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NCTS Race #04 – Booneville Backroads Ultra

The Booneville Backroads Ultra went down outside Des Moines this past holiday weekend and boosted No Coast runners point totals for all of those participating in the 10k, 50k, 100k and 100 mile races! Blistering heat and an exposed course made for some super tough conditions which forced many runners to end their race early but many still persevered and got it done!

Congratulations to all the No Coast runners and especially to everyone taking on a new challenge and running their first ultra marathon or longest distance race ever!

Next up is the Driftless Discovery Trail Run in Decorah on June 2nd!

NCTS Race #03 – Sunderbruch B&B Trail Races

The Sunderbruch B&B Trail Races took place in Davenport this last weekend and marked the third race in the series for 2018! A fun and challenging course along with some great weather and a killer post-race party full of delicious bacon & craft beer came together to make the small grassroots QC-TUR(d) hosted event another great day to be on the No Coast!

Congratulations to all the awesome No Coast runners who ran at B&B this year including No Coast regular Ross Salinas taking 1st overall in the 10k which made this year his 3rd win at B&B!

Next up, this weekend’s Booneville Backroads Ultra south of Des Moines on May 26th and the Driftless Discovery Trail Run in Decorah on June 2nd!


NCTS Race #01 – Red Shamrock Survivorship Trail Challenge

An abnormally cold “spring” morning greeted No Coast runners at this past weekend’s Red Shamrock Foundation Survivorship Trail Challenge but that didn’t deter runners from quickly hitting the trails and having a blast on a fun & challenging course all while supporting a great cause! Thankfully the wind held off and the sun was shining bright to make for what turned out to be quite the pleasant day on the No Coast!
Congratulations to all the race winners including No Coast regular Ross Salinas taking home 1st overall as well as No Coast runners Melissa Barnard, Kelly Teeselink, Adam Galluzzo, Debby Hildebrand, Nancy Mark and Bryan Powers all winning their respective divisions!

A huge thanks and congratulations to Red Shamrock Foundation for putting on an awesome event and being such a strong supporter of racing dirt on the No Coast!

Next up, this weekend’s Hawkeye 50K/25K!


NCTS Race #09 and Series Wrap-up

The Runner’s Flat trail races over the weekend in Cedar Falls ushered in the finish to another incredible year of running trails on the No Coast! Wet conditions made for a challenging but fun day for runners as they took on 10k, 25k or 50k distances!
Congrats to all finishers and special kudos to No Coast participants Phil Young​ for taking 1st overall in the 50k as well as Emily Eisenman for successfully tackling her first ultra marathon!


2017 marked the 4th year of the No Coast Trail Series and with it, another incredible year of running trails all over the state of Iowa! Seeing this wonderful community of races, runners, organizers and volunteers continue to grow and evolve into what it is today, has been a rich and rewarding experience. THANK YOU!

This year saw the series comprised of 9 independent top quality trail running events offering 22 different distances with 44 hardy No Coast runners racing at least 3 events throughout the year and being eligible for division awards!
INCREDIBLE job everyone and congratulations to all division winners!

Some special shout outs:
-Tim Bergan, Denise Whiting, Steve Hagarty and Troy Brehm for running ALL NINE races this year and to add to that, Tim ran the LONGEST distance available at every event! Holy smokes Tim, that’s 259 miles of No Coast trail racing!
-To all the repeat participants and division winners over the years including Dean Schwickerath for taking 1st in the Masters Trail division for the third year in a row and Ross Salinas for placing at the top of the series all four years including 3rd in the Open Ultra division this year!
-And to all the folks new to the series this year! Some of those taking on their longest trail runs ever this year like Tom Naert who not only ran his first 100 miler at Booneville this year but won it in the second fastest time ever and earned 1st in his NCTS division!

Attention all division award winners! I’ll be in contact via email to make arrangements to get you your NCTS Hydro Flask division trophy!

Thank you!
Full 2017 NCTS Standings:

Division Award Winners!

#1 Overall Trail – Male – Troy Brehm
#1 Overall Trail – Female – Cathy Steines

#1 Overall Ultra – Male – Tim Bergan
#1 Overall Ultra – Female – Denise Whiting

Open Trail – Male
1st – Jason Willits
2nd – Jacob Waddingham
3rd – David Kline

Open Trail – Female
1st – Amber Sheeley
2nd – Margaret Haywood
3rd – Kelly Teeselink

Masters Trail – Male
1st – Dean Schwickerath
2nd – Mike Nyman

Masters Trail – Female
1st – Debby Hildebrand
2nd – Darcy Sanford
3rd – Kelly Jensen

Open Ultra – Male
1st – Tom Naert
2nd – Jeff Moeur
3rd – Ross Salinas

Open Ultra – Female
1st – Emily Eisenman
2nd – Leah Schneider

Masters Ultra – Male
1st – Steve Hagarty
2nd – Paul Wiederholt
3rd – Kim Wander

Masters Ultra – Female
1st – Michelle Steele