NCTS Race #05 – Schuetzen NEIN! Hour Endurance Run

Runners at the start of this past weekend’s Schuetzen NEIN Hour Endurance Run were treated to some cooler than normal temps but the heat, stairs and hills that Schuetzen is known for quickly made their presence known! Race #05 in the series challenged runners to either run solo or as a relay team for nine hours for as many miles as possible in that time and the NEIN did not make it easy!

Congratulation to all the “survivors” and special kudos to No Coast runners Jake Miller, Austin Schoeck, Scott Hundertmark, Travis Swanson, Tiffany Gunhus, Morgan Russell, Lauren Hoth, Tara Flesch, Lauren Cronbaugh, Rob Morrison, Michala Mielke, Eileen Tan, Rachel Seabold, Matthew Lommen, Gordon Graham, Steve Hagarty, Tiffany Miller, Donny Montgomery, Ana Philips & Ted Smith for digging deep and hitting 50k or more within the nine hours to earn themselves a Schuetzen Spanker. A number of No Coast runners participated on Relay teams and earned a team Spanker for running 50 miles or more!
Team ‘Platform Nein & Three Thors’ – Andrew Gray, Jodee Ross, & Michael Price as well as Tiffany Anderson on Team OMR: Sassy Asses!

On the Club side, the QC-TUR(d)s showed up in a huge way on their home turf and scored big ultra points to take the lead with 543.6 points! The LoKeyz are in 2nd place with 324.1 points and Thorsday TC close behind in 3rd place with 292.1 points! With the TUR(d)s having most of their point slots filled, it’s going to be quite the chase by the other clubs vying for the trophy!

You or someone you know running No Coast races and aren’t signed up for the series yet?! Sign up! It’s free, takes all of 10 seconds and will put you (and your running club) in the chase for some sweet division awards! Plus your participation supports an incredible community of trail races in this great state of Iowa!

We have a bit of a summer break in No Coast racing through July and then race #06 is scheduled to take place at the Mines of Spain Trail Races on August 13th in Dubuque!

Photo Credit: Ry Schulz & Michele Thompson

NCTS Race #04 – Crater Trail Run

Cool, slick & rainy conditions greeted runners at the Crater Trail Run this past weekend for race #04 in this year’s series! With distances ranging from 5k to 50k, runners had a great time tackling beautiful trails & challenging courses up north!
Congratulations to all of the Crater runners and especially to those running their longest distance race on the trails ever! Extra kudos to No Coast runners Ross Salinas (1st & new course record in the 25k), Cary Richey (3rd 25k) and Jodee Ross (3rd 25k) for placing at the top of their races!

In the Club Division, we had a strong showing from Thorsday TC and the LoKeyz resulting in quite the top 3 shakeup! Thorsday is now in the lead with 155.3 points after scoring over 67 Trail Division points at Crater alone! LoKeyz have moved up to 2nd with 127.8 points and the QC-TUR(d)s are in close pursuit in 3rd with 124.3 points!

Next up on June 18th in Davenport is the Schuetzen NEIN Hour Endurance Run! 9 hours to run as many challenging miles as you can and those miles = points! For those of you running, get ready to feel all the feels…

Registration also JUST OPENED for the Woodpecker Six, the most recent addition to the series! It’s a six hour timed event and takes place November 12th outside Cedar Rapids. Sign-up here:

Photo Credit: Nick Chill Photography

NCTS Race #03 – Sunderbruch B&B Trail Races

Complete opposite conditions from last year’s race greeted runners this past weekend in Davenport at the Sunderbruch B&B Trail Races and runners were eager to enjoy beautiful warm weather, dry trails and lots and lots of bacon & beer!

Congratulations to all of the runners in the event and special kudos to the No Coast runners snagging spots on the podium! Ross Salinas took 2nd in the Men’s 10k and Jen Even (1st), Tara Flesch (2nd) and Jaclyn Hoke (3rd) completed a full No Coast podium sweep in the 5k!

With lots of B&B runners participating in the Club Division, a great number of points were racked up but the placing stayed the same with the QC-TUR(d)s in a strong lead with 122 points followed by Thorsday TC (88.1) and the LoKeyz (79.7) close behind!

Next up in the series is Crater Trail Run on June 4th up in Decorah and Schuetzen NEIN Hour Endurance Run in Davenport on June 18th! Both offer Ultra and Trail division distances so there’s sure to be some moving and shaking in the standings through the summer!

Photo Credits: Phil Pancrazio, Ry Schulz & Mike Van Hulle

NCTS Race #02 – Team Red Shamrock Trail Challenge

A brief window of beautiful spring weather appeared for this past weekend’s Team Red Shamrock Trail Challenge and runners didn’t waste any time hitting the trails and having a blast on a fun & challenging course all while supporting a great cause!

Congratulations to all of the runners including No Coast runner Jodee Ross taking home 1st female as well as Jacob Gallagher, Morgan Russell, Bryan Powers, Melissa Barnard, Leo Buzalsky, Michael Price, Ted Smith, Tara Flesch, Kendal Hausmann, Sara Bright, Cary Richey, Donny Montgomery and Jaclyn Hoke for all placing at the top of their respective divisions! What an awesome showing by No Coast runners!

In the Club Division, the QC-TUR(d)s maintain their lead with a strong 85.5 points followed by Thorsday TC (69.4) and the LoKeyz (43.6)!

Photo Credit: Justin Torner Creative Studio

NCTS Race #01 – Hawkeye

Spring FINALLY arrived just in time for this past weekend’s return of the Hawkeye 50k/25k/10mi and runners were treated to some beautiful weather and a fun blend of trails and roads winding from Solon around the gorgeous Lake Macbride!

Congratulations to all of the race winners including No Coast runners Cary Richey (25k/2nd), Lauren Hoth (25k/2nd) and Tara Flesch (25k/3rd) for placing on their respective podiums!
In the Club Division, the reigning champs the QC-TUR(d)s have taken an early lead with 44 points followed by Thorsday TC (28.5) and the LoKeyz (14.😎!

Next up in the series is the Team Red Shamrock Trail Challenge on April 23rd! Sign up now at:

Welcome to 2022 on the No Coast!

We hope everyone has had a wonderful winter thus far and is as excited for the arrival of spring as we are! So whether you’ve been busy training for a big early season race or taking the opportunity to rest and recover from a long year of trail running, we hope you’re ready for another great year of racing trails on the No Coast!

First some updates:
-Our usual series opener, the Team Red Shamrock Trail Challenge, has had to move from their traditional date on the first weekend of April to April 23rd but otherwise, they are back for 2022 as usual!

-After a two year hiatus, the Hawkeye 50K will be back on April 9th and adding a 10 mile distance in addition to the 50k and 25k!

-The Woodpecker Six hour endurance race is the newest addition to the No Coast Trail Series and will take place on Nov. 12th! WP6 will join the Schuetzen NEIN! as another timed event that provides runners great point scoring opportunities in a fun and relaxed format!

Registration is open and space still available in a number of this year’s races including April’s Hawkeye and Red Shamrock!
Registration for Swiss Valley Trail Run is set to open March 1st and the Mines of Spain Trail Races on March 4th. All registration links can be found on the No Coast website or at each race’s website/social media.

-2022 NCTS Series Schedule-
Hawkeye 50K/25k/10M – April 9th
Team Red Shamrock Trail Challenge (worth 3x points!) – April 23
Sunderbruch B&B Trail Races – May 14
Crater Trail Run – June 4
Schuetzen NEIN Hour Endurance Run – June 18
Mines of Spain Trail Races – August 13
Booneville Backroads Ultra – September 3
PCTR – Pleasant Creek Trail Run – September 10
Doggone Tired Ultra – September 24
Swiss Valley Trail Run – October 1
Mines of Spain 100 – October 14-15
Woodpecker Six – November 12

All important information on the series including the sign-up link, info on the races, rules and past results can be found at so please take a look and spend a minute browsing around! And always, be sure to Share the No Coast Trail Series Facebook page to help spread the word about NCTS!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact NCTS via the Facebook page or

Thank you and we hope you’ll join us for another year of training, racing and building this awesome slice of the trail running community on the No Coast!

NCTS 2021 Wrap-Up!

The 8th year of the No Coast Trail Series came and went in what felt to many of us like both the shortest and longest year EVER. But like with all things, it eventually passed us by and we were left with another year’s worth of amazing memories shared with this incredible community of trail people. As a series, we were fortunate enough to see almost all of the events take place and even saw the return of Swiss Valley after a two-year hiatus.

Amazing job to all No Coast participants this year! Special congratulations to all division award winners and to the QC-TUR(d)s for winning the Club Division after a hard fought battle with last year’s winners the LoKeyz! The TUR(d)s will lay claim to the mighty traveling Club trophy and bragging rights for all of next year!

A huge thank you to all of the hard working race organizers this year with the biggest thanks reserved for the incredible volunteers who consistently step up to ensure the preservation of our little community. THANK YOU!!!

Attention all division award winners! I’ll be in contact via email to make arrangements to get you your NCTS Hydro Flask division trophy!
Thank you!

Full 2021 NCTS Standings:

#1 Overall Trail – Male – Michael Price
#1 Overall Trail – Female – Jodee Ross
#1 Overall Ultra – Male – Bryan Powers
#1 Overall Ultra – Female – Eileen Tan
Open Trail – Male
1st – Leo Buzalsky
2nd – Justin Newnum
Open Trail – Female
1st – Emily Eisenman
2nd – Lauren Hoth
3rd – Jaclyn Hoke
Masters Trail – Male
1st – Cary Richey
2nd -Donny Montgomery
3rd – John Kromminga
Masters Trail – Female
1st – Melissa Barnard
2nd – Tammie Harbin
3rd – Laura Lenius Walton
Open Ultra – Male
1st – Jake Taylor
2nd – Bren Raschke
3rd – Steve Lutz
Open Ultra – Female
1st – Michala Mielke
2nd – Jen Even
3rd – Morgan Russell
Masters Ultra – Male
1st – Nathen Cox
2nd – Jesse Reinhardt
3rd – Jeff Dixon
Masters Ultra – Female
1st – Danielle Wangsness
2nd – Amy Mills
3rd – Lauren Cronbaugh
Club Division
1st – Quad Cities Trail & Ultra Runners QC-TUR(d)s – 629.7 points
2nd – LoKeyz – 539 points
3rd – Thorsday TC – 328.6 points
4th – The Runner’s Flat – 209.4 points
5th – Endurance Tribe – 161.8 points
6th – Trail Sisters – 102.3 points

NCTS Race #10 – Mines of Spain 100

The 2021 No Coast Trail Series wrapped up this past weekend in Dubuque with race #10 at the Mines of Spain 100 and what an epic closeout to an incredible year of racing on the No Coast! Gorgeous fall weather complimented a beautiful course covering a wide range of trail terrain and of course, some big Dubuque hills! 100mi and 100k runners alike really had to buckle down and see what they were made of to reach that finish line but the reward was definitely worth the challenge!

A huge congratulations to each and every runner who stepped up to the line and gave it their all!

NCTS Race #09 – Swiss Valley Trail Races

The Swiss Valley Trail Run took place this past weekend near Dubuque after a regrettable two year hiatus and its return was glorious! Race #09 saw a change in distance format from previous years with a new 50k being offered alongside 25k and 5.2mi race distances.

Congratulations to all of the Swiss Valley runners and special kudos to the No Coast runners at the race, many of whom placed on the podium!
In the 50k, Ross Salinas was 1st place male and Eil Tan was 3rd place female!
In the 25k, Carey Richey was 1st place male, Jodee Elhard Ross was 2nd place female and Jake Taylor was 3rd place male!

On the Club side, the LoKeyz (446.3 pts) are still in the lead ahead of the QC-TUR(d)s (393.3 pts) and Thorsday TC (346.6 pts) but with there only being one race left, the 3 race minimum rule is beginning to take affect and we’re seeing the point spread becoming much closer! Trail Division races are wrapped up for the season so with just one last race (100mi & 100k) at the Mines of Spain 100 coming up next weekend with big points on the line, anything could happen!

NCTS Race #08 – Doggone Tired Ultra

The Doggone Tired Ultra took place this past Saturday in Vinton for race #08 of this year’s series and runners enjoyed some beautiful weather for their 50k or 10mi races in and around Rodgers Park!

Congratulations to all of the Doggone runners and special kudos to the No Coast runners at the race, many of whom placed on the podium!

In the 10 miler, Michael Price was the men’s champion and overall winner along with Emily Eisenman taking 1st place for the women!Melissa Barnard was 2nd place woman in the 10 miler along with Joshua Collins taking 3rd place for the men!In the 50k, Amy Mills was 1st place for women along with Bryan Powers placing 3rd for the men and Tammie Harbin taking 3rd place for the women!

On the Club side, the LoKeyz (539.3 pts) have maintained their lead for 1st place with the QC-TUR(d)s (390.7 pts) Thorsday TC (340.3 pts) still in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. A lot of points are up for grabs at the last two races!

Just 2 races remaining in this year’s No Coast Trail Series with the Swiss Valley Trail Run on Oct. 2nd and the Mines of Spain 100 on Oct. 15th! Swiss Valley still has spots available in the race so make sure to get signed up if you haven’t already!