NCTS Race #12 – Woodpecker Six

The 2022 No Coast Trail Series wrapped up this past weekend with race #12 at the Woodpecker Six and what an epic closeout to an incredible year of racing on the No Coast! Winter came early for the weekend and dropped the temps and threw down some snow to make things interesting on the hilly 6 hour Woodpecker loop! Every loop ran meant more series points and No Coast runners rose to the challenge throwing down some impressive mileage totals in the conditions!

A huge congratulations to each and every runner who ran at Woodpecker and extra kudos to the those No Coast runners placing at the top of the pack and earned themselves a Woodpecker trophy (in order of total mileage): Michael Price, Ross Salinas, Matthew Yorek, Jacob Gallagher, Jodee Ross, Leo Buzalsky, Kyle Weber, Lauren Hoth and Tiffany Gunhus!

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