NCTS Race #07 – Mines of Spain Trail Races

The 7th annual Mines of Spain Trail Races took place this past Saturday in Dubuque and runners got to enjoy some beautiful late summer weather along with 4mi, 7mi and half marathon courses that stand out as equally challenging, beautiful and rewarding!

The post-race party didn’t take long at all to get into full swing and runners were quick to partake in the delicious fresh made pizza and local craft beer!
42(!) No Coast runners participated in MoSTR this year and all earned points towards their division totals for the year!

Only THREE more races left in this year’s NCTS! If you haven’t yet, get signed up for these great races and come race some dirt with us on the No Coast!
Pleasant Creek Trail Run – Sept. 14th
Swiss Valley Trail Run – Oct. 5th
Mines of Spain 100 – Oct. 18th-19th

NCTS Race #06 – Schuetzen NEIN! Hour Endurance Run

The Schuetzen NEIN Hour Endurance Run certainly lived up to it’s reputation this past Saturday as it dished out generous amounts of pain and suffering on it’s participants! No Coasters squared off against a brutal course compounded by thunderstorms, hours of rain and increasingly muddy conditions. To finish things off, the sun came out the last couple of hours to really heat things up and make sure everyone got their last penny’s worth!

Congratulations to all the “survivors” and special kudos to No Coast runners Bryan Powers, Jake Taylor, Michala Mielke, Amy Mills, Ross Salinas, Dave Steines and Brian Pope for digging deep and hitting 50k or more within the nine hours to earn themselves a Schuetzen Spanker. Great job everyone!

We have a bit of a summer break in No Coast racing through July and then race #07 is next up at the Mines of Spain Trail Races! on August 10th in Dubuque!


NCTS Race #05 – Driftless Discovery Trail Run

What a great day up in Decorah for race #05, the Driftless Discovery Trail Run! Beautiful trails, gnarly & challenging courses and a ton of wonderful trail people made for an awesome weekend up north! NCTS runners tackled 5k, 10k, 25k or 50k distances and as a result, the series standings got a great shake-up with Trail to Ultra division changes and big points being tallied across the board!

Congratulations to all of the DDTR runners and special kudos go out to No Coast runner Kelly Teeselink for her 1st place place finish in the 25k as well as No Coasters Ross Salinas (2nd 25k) and Bryan Rutledge (3rd 50k) for their top performances!

Next up on June 15th in Davenport is the one and only Schuetzen NEIN Hour Endurance Run! For those of you running, get ready to “feel” things… 😲


NCTS Race #04 – Booneville Backroads Ultra

The Booneville Backroads Ultra went down outside Des Moines this past holiday weekend and boosted No Coast runners point totals for all of those participating in the 10k, 50k, 100k and 100 mile races! Last minute flooding forced some course re-routes but runners and the race rolled with it all and got it done!

Congratulations to all the No Coast runners and especially to everyone taking on a new challenge and running their first ultra marathon or longest distance race ever!

Next up is this weekend’s Driftless Discovery Trail Run in Decorah on June 1st! 4 distance options (5k, 10k, 25k and 50k) on some incredible Iowa trails should make for another great weekend on the No Coast!

NCTS Race #03 – Sunderbruch B&B Trail Races

Crazy May weather greeted No Coast runners at this year’s Sunderbruch B&B Trail Races but the thunderstorms and torrential downpour was no match for trail runners looking to have a good time running in nature and smashing some bacon & beer! With a plan B course in place, runners charged into the unknown and in the process, racked up some more points in the 2019 No Coast Trail Series!

Congratulations to all the No Coast runners taking on a challenging course in even tougher conditions and having a blast along the way! Everyone certainly earned their B&B at Saturday’s race!

Next up, this weekend’s Booneville Backroads Ultra south of Des Moines on May 25th and the Driftless Discovery Trail Run in Decorah on June 1st! Both races offer a variety of Trail and Ultra division distances which should help shake up the standings as we move toward the midway point of the series!

NCTS Race #02 – Hawkeye 50K/25K

The 2nd race in the 2019 No Coast Trail Series took place over the weekend at the Hawkeye 50K/25K with runners taking on a fun and varied course that included a mix of lakeside trails, dirt single track, country roads and the infamous spillway crossing! The weather cooperated graciously and runners were treated to perfect spring weather for their race day!

Congratulations to No Coast runners Ross Salinas (50K), Sarah Kromminga (25K), Stacy Purnell (25K), Michala Mielke (50K) and Kelly Mueller (50K) for their top performances and a special congrats to everyone who ran their first ultra at Hawkeye this weekend! Way to go!!!

We get a short break from No Coast racing this next month and resume again at the Sunderbruch B&B Trail Races in Davenport on May 18th and the Booneville Backroads Ultra south of Des Moines on May 25th!



NCTS Race #01 – Red Shamrock Survivorship Trail Challenge

Beautiful spring weather greeted No Coast runners at this past weekend’s RSF Survivorship Trail Challenge and runners didn’t waste any time hitting the trails and having a blast on a fun & challenging course all while supporting a great cause!
Congratulations to all of the race winners including No Coast regular Ross Salinas taking home 1st overall as well as No Coast runners Clark Purnell, Kelly Teeselink, Jake Walton, Adam Galluzzo, Stacy Purnell, Julie Tyler, Jeff Whittlesey, Diane Hagarty and Kelly Mueller for all placing in the top of their respective divisions!

A huge thanks and congratulations to Red Shamrock Foundation for putting on an awesome event and being such a strong supporter of racing dirt on the No Coast!

Next up, this weekend’s Hawkeye 50K/25K!

Welcome to 2019 on the No Coast!

We hope everyone has been having a wonderful winter and holiday season so far and making the most of this mild weather. So whether you’ve been busy training for a big spring race or taking the opportunity to rest and recover from a long year of trail running, we hope you’re getting excited for 2019 and another great year of racing trails on the No Coast!

We can hardly believe that 2019 will mark the 6th year for the series and what an incredible journey it’s been so far! There won’t be any major changes from last year for the series and the 11 race schedule will remain the same. The Driftless Discovery Trail Run will be adding a 25k distance to their event this year which increases the number of options for Trail Division runners looking to run big miles and score big points!

With eleven Iowa trail races on board with over 28 options for distance ranging from 5k to 100mi, there’s something for everyone! All important information on the series including the sign-up link, info on the races, rules and past results can be found at so please take a look and spend a minute browsing around! And always, be sure to Share the No Coast Trail Series Facebook page to help spread the word about NCTS!

-2019 NCTS Series Schedule-
Red Shamrock Foundation Survivorship Run (worth 3x points!) – April 6
Hawkeye 50K – April 13
Sunderbruch B&B Trail Races – May 18
Booneville Backroads Ultra – May 25
Driftless Discovery Trail Run – June 1
Schuetzen NEIN Hour Endurance Run – June 15
Mines of Spain Trail Races – August 10
Pleasant Creek Trail Run – September 14
Swiss Valley Trail Run – October 5
The Runner’s Flat – October 12
Mines of Spain 100 – October 18-19

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact NCTS via the Facebook page or
Thank you and we hope you’ll join us for another year of training, racing and building this awesome slice of the trail running community on the No Coast!

NCTS 2018 Wrap-Up!

2018 marked the 5th year of the No Coast Trail Series and with it, another incredible year of running trails all over the state of Iowa! Seeing this wonderful community of races, runners, organizers and volunteers continue to grow and evolve into what it is today, has been a rich and rewarding experience. THANK YOU!

This year saw the series comprised of 11 independent top quality trail running events offering 27 different distances with 56 hardy No Coast runners racing at least 3 events throughout the year and being eligible for division awards!
INCREDIBLE job everyone and congratulations to all division winners!

Some special shout outs:
-Danielle Wangsness and Bryan Powers for running ALL ELEVEN races this year and Dave Fischer close behind with 10 of the 11 races including his first 100k at the MoS100!
-To all the repeat participants and division winners over the years including Denise Whiting, Tim Bergan, Jason Willits, Kim Wander, Debby Hildebrand, Kelly Teeselink and of course, Ross Salinas for placing at the top of the series all five years including 1st in the Open Ultra division this year!
-And to all the folks new to the series this year! Some of those taking on their longest trail runs ever this year!

Full 2018 NCTS Standings:

#1 Overall Trail – Male – Jason Willits
#1 Overall Trail – Female – Melissa Huebsch-Haugo

#1 Overall Ultra – Male – Bryan Powers
#1 Overall Ultra – Female – Danielle Wangsness

Open Trail – Male
1st – Ryan Ames
2nd – Jacob Spath
3rd – Ben Hansen (12 years old!!!)

Open Trail – Female
1st – Kelly Teeselink
2nd – Emily Eisenman
3rd – Stacy Purnell

Masters Trail – Male
1st – Dave Steines
2nd – Donny Montgomery
3rd – Kim Wander

Masters Trail – Female
1st – Denise Whiting
2nd – Cheryl Dralle Peterson
3rd – Debby Railing Hildebrand

Open Ultra – Male
1st – Ross Salinas
2nd – Jatruns Taylor
3rd – Adam Roll

Open Ultra – Female
1st – Jen Even
2nd – Michala Mielke
3rd – Kathy Rodine

Masters Ultra – Male
1st – Dave Fischer
2nd – Tim Bergan
3rd – Mark Powers

Masters Ultra – Female
1st – Wendy Foote
2nd – Shari Neese

NCTS Race #11 – Mines of Spain 100

The 2018 No Coast Trail Series wrapped up this past weekend in Dubuque with race #11 at the Mines of Spain 100 and what an epic closeout to an incredible year of racing on the No Coast! A wide spectrum of weather mixed with a challenging course and even more challenging conditions required 100mi and 100k runners to really buckle down and see what they were made of to reach that finish line!

Congratulations to each and every runner and special kudos go out to the No Coast runners Jen Even/100mi/1st, Danielle Wangsness/100k/3rd for taking top places as well as to all of the first time 100k and 100mi finishers!

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