NCTS Race #09 – Swiss Valley Trail Races

The Swiss Valley Trail Run took place this past weekend near Dubuque after a regrettable two year hiatus and its return was glorious! Race #09 saw a change in distance format from previous years with a new 50k being offered alongside 25k and 5.2mi race distances.

Congratulations to all of the Swiss Valley runners and special kudos to the No Coast runners at the race, many of whom placed on the podium!
In the 50k, Ross Salinas was 1st place male and Eil Tan was 3rd place female!
In the 25k, Carey Richey was 1st place male, Jodee Elhard Ross was 2nd place female and Jake Taylor was 3rd place male!

On the Club side, the LoKeyz (446.3 pts) are still in the lead ahead of the QC-TUR(d)s (393.3 pts) and Thorsday TC (346.6 pts) but with there only being one race left, the 3 race minimum rule is beginning to take affect and we’re seeing the point spread becoming much closer! Trail Division races are wrapped up for the season so with just one last race (100mi & 100k) at the Mines of Spain 100 coming up next weekend with big points on the line, anything could happen!

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