NCTS Race #06 – Booneville Backroads Ultra

The Booneville Backroads Ultra took place over Labor Day weekend and No Coast runners hit the gravel and dirt roads of central Iowa in distances ranging from 10k all the way to 100 miles!

Congratulations to all BBU runners and special kudos to all of the No Coast runners at the race and to those who placed high in the standings! Leo Buzalsky (10k/2nd), Nic Chiri (100k/2nd) and Danielle Wangsness (100mi/1st)!!!

On the Club side, the LoKeyz (516.6 pts) are in 1st and have taken a commanding lead on the QC-TUR(d)s (385.2 pts)! The TUR(d)s are followed closely by Thorsday TC (337.0 pts) for an exciting top 3 in the Club Division!

Just 3 races remaining in this year’s No Coast Trail Series with the Doggone Tired Ultra 10 mile/50 k Trail Run up next weekend Sept. 25th followed in rapid succession by the Swiss Valley Trail Run on Oct. 2nd and the Mines of Spain 100 on Oct. 15th!

Doggone and Swiss Valley still has spots available in the race so make sure to check them out and get signed up if you haven’t already!

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