NCTS 2020 Wrap-Up!

The 7th year of the No Coast Trail Series came and went in what will likely be considered one of the most historic years of our lifetimes. While trail running means absolutely nothing to the vast majority of the world and is barely a blip on the radar for most of society when compared to the huge obstacles and issues being faced by so many, this ‘hobby’ has found its place among those who crave something more. Those who crave connection. To nature. To others. To oneself. Those who crave challenge. Against the demons in their head. Against their friends and peers. But most importantly, trail running belongs to those who crave a simpler way of life. A stripped down opportunity to be ones true self. To connect OR to disconnect. To challenge OR to accept.
Simply to be. To live. To exist.

Despite the challenges faced by race organizers over this rollercoaster of a year, a majority of the events were still able to safely take place and runners were provided small pockets of normalcy to do what we love the most, run some trails!

Amazing job to all No Coast participants this year! Special congratulations to all division award winners and to LoKeyz for winning the newly added Club Division!
A huge thank you and fist bump to all of the hard working race organizers this year with the biggest thanks reserved for the incredible volunteers who stepped up in the most trying of times to ensure the preservation of our little community. THANK YOU!!!

Attention all division award winners! I’ll be in contact via email to make arrangements to get you your NCTS Hydro Flask division trophy!
Thank you!

Full 2020 NCTS Standings:

1st Overall Trail – Male – Gary Jones
1st Overall Trail – Female – Emily Eisenman
1st Overall Ultra – Male – Matt Winiski
1st Overall Ultra – Female – Michele Thompson

Open Trail – Male
1st – Jake Walton

Open Trail – Female
1st – Jess Cruz

Masters Trail – Male
1st – Donny Montgomery
2nd – John Kromminga
3rd – Bryan Walton

Masters Trail – Female
1st – Denise Whiting
2nd – Julie Tyler
3rd – Susan Eisenbacher

Open Ultra – Male
1st – Adam Lyons
2nd – Andrew Gray
3rd – Taylor Ross

Open Ultra – Female
1st – Jen Even
2nd – Melissa Taylor
3rd – Eileen Tan

Masters Ultra – Male
1st – Khris Vickroy
2nd – Bryan Powers
3rd – Dave Fischer

Masters Ultra – Female
1st – Danielle Wangsness
2nd – Cathy Steines
3rd – Tammie Harbin

Club Division
1st – LoKeyz – 856 points – 9 runners in 40 races
2nd – Quad Cities Trail & Ultra Runners QC-TUR(d)s – 838 points – 11 runners in 34 races
3rd – Trail Sisters – 158 points – 7 runners in 21 races

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