NCTS 2019 Wrap-Up!

2019 marked the 6th year of the No Coast Trail Series and with it, another incredible year of running trails all over the state of Iowa! Seeing this wonderful community of races, runners, organizers and volunteers continue to grow and evolve into what it is today, has been a rich and rewarding experience. THANK YOU!

Mother Nature has been in full rebellious teenager mode all year and unfortunately caused the cancellation of two great fall events this year. The series still however showcased 9 independent and top quality trail running events and offered 22 different distances with 50 hardy No Coast runners racing at least 3 events throughout the year and being eligible for division awards!

INCREDIBLE job to all No Coast participants this year and special congratulations to all division winners!

Attention all division award winners! I’ll be in contact via email to make arrangements to get you your NCTS Hydro Flask division trophy!
Thank you!

Full 2019 NCTS Standings:

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#1 Overall Trail – Male – Clark Purnell
#1 Overall Trail – Female – Julie Tyler

#1 Overall Ultra – Male – Ross Salinas
#1 Overall Ultra – Female – Michala Mielke

Open Trail – Male
1st – Jason Willits
2nd – Bren Raschke
3rd – Ben Gates

Open Trail – Female
1st – Stacy Purnell
2nd – Jess Cruz
3rd – Kelly Teeselink

Masters Trail – Male
1st – Donny Montgomery
2nd – Dave Steines
3rd – John Kromminga

Masters Trail – Female
1st – Romy Bolton
2nd – Cathy Steines
3rd – Deb Gaddis

Open Ultra – Male
1st – Mike Van Hulle
2nd – Jatruns Taylor
3rd – Matt Winiski

Open Ultra – Female
1st – Amy Mills
2nd – Michele Thompson
3rd – Lynne Jaeger

Masters Ultra – Male
1st – David Pullara
2nd – Steve Hagarty
3rd – Bryan Powers

Masters Ultra – Female
1st – Denise Whiting
2nd – Melissa Barnard

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