NCTS Race #06 – Schuetzen NEIN! Hour Endurance Run

The Schuetzen NEIN Hour Endurance Run certainly lived up to it’s reputation this past Saturday as it dished out generous amounts of pain and suffering on it’s participants! No Coasters squared off against a brutal course compounded by thunderstorms, hours of rain and increasingly muddy conditions. To finish things off, the sun came out the last couple of hours to really heat things up and make sure everyone got their last penny’s worth!

Congratulations to all the “survivors” and special kudos to No Coast runners Bryan Powers, Jake Taylor, Michala Mielke, Amy Mills, Ross Salinas, Dave Steines and Brian Pope for digging deep and hitting 50k or more within the nine hours to earn themselves a Schuetzen Spanker. Great job everyone!

We have a bit of a summer break in No Coast racing through July and then race #07 is next up at the Mines of Spain Trail Races! on August 10th in Dubuque!


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